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About Al Harthy Group

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We are a fully-fledged solutions company, providing services that cover the entire business life cycle, from startups to international corporations. Our focus is Direct-To-Consumer (D2C) businesses. We save our customer's valuable resources by offering a complete package of services that will transform your business to the next level; expanding your customer base, increasing sales, maximizing brand awareness, and ensuring smooth delivery of every order.

The indispensable connection between marketing and technology in our day’s market means brands equities are no longer forged through advertisements only but through experiences and emotions. We connect deep human feelings to business insights with the possibilities of technological means to construct and deliver new realities. Experiences that lead to an easier, healthier, safer, more productive, and rewarding lifestyle. To achieve business expansion and growth, a new partner is needed, one experienced in business solutions, creative marketing, and tech-savvy. Al Harthy group is that partner!

Our Team

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Our team is composed of highly skilled, well-connected, and experienced individuals who have specialized knowledge of the Saudi market as well as nearly two decades of experience working with international clients.

Across a diverse range of specialists, our team shares a common purpose, shared values, and a relentless focus on our clients. Our team brings with them years of experience working with international clients such as SC Johnson, Nestle, Virgin Mobile, Unilever, and P&G. Our leaders are highly qualified managers, with experience in the Saudi field spanning 2 decades.

Our team also has an eye on the future and is adept at recruiting and finding the right talent. We are always on the lookout for the brightest minds in Saudi Arabia and the best thinkers to be recruited and become part of our outstanding team. We build close relationships with colleges and universities to ensure that we are best placed to identify the future leaders in the related fields.

We continuously engage our teams in learning and developing opportunities. The culture of our business offers an environment in which every talent is nurtured and appreciated, allowing us to provide you with the strongest and most eager teams to support you with all your business needs.

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  • Our Value

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    We are committed to empowering the creativity of our teams. Creativity fuels our businesses solutions, which we maintain through our positivity and open-minded culture, allowing us to break barriers, capture imaginations, and build lasting connections with clients and customers alike.


    Every business is unique, with its own particular challenges and opportunities. We pride ourselves on our ability to recognize the individuality of each company. Our recommendations and strategies are not only based on in-depth market knowledge but also on our ability to pinpoint the need of our clients and respond accordingly.


    At Al Harthy Group we pride ourselves on being able to offer the best of homegrown Saudi talent. We invest in our future through scouting and recruiting the next generation of bright thinkers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as well as bringing together data geeks, design legends, creative masterminds, technology wizards, and marketing mavericks to deliver the best custom-made solutions to our clients.


    We aim to nourish and help develop businesses across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, thus contributing to a strong and prosperous domestic economy as well as strengthening international business ties. Our vision is to further expand and provide services to international corporations in the near future.