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PPC marketing - Marketing & Sales Services

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Pay-per-click, or PPC, is a form of advertising that allows you to have your website appear at the top of a search engine result page when someone types in specific keywords or phrases that relate to your product or business.

The link that appears will direct visitors to your site and the fee you pay is based upon how many people click through.

We can advise on and implement the most effective PPC strategy for your business, to create a seamless user journey, earning your business new, quality leads.

At Al Harthy Group our marketing and sales services include
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    that help our clients to establish a business-to-customer relationship leading to a stronger and long-lasting brand equity.

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    Marketing & Sales Services

    We help you stay in the lead and up to date on trends so you can revise and adapt your plans to maximize client reach and sales.

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    Media Production

    Video & Media production is growing as we speak. Its impact on the market will have heightened even further in the next coming years

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    Our digital and in-store merchandising services help you connect with consumers and positively influence their decision-making process.

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    Web & Mobile Development

    All aspects of our development package carefully consider your customers’ journey and ensure a personalized experience.

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    Brand activation

    We create campaigns that lead to lasting connections with target audience. Taking into consideration the target audience & geographic location & more

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    Human Resource Solutions

    Equip your business with an entirely highly skilled team. Services are available with staff training and development tailormade to your business needs.

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    Mystery Shoppers

    We offer reporting services with feedback from our mystery shoppers to improve your level of customer satisfaction, gain customer loyalty & increase your profits.

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    Last mile delivery

    We offer highly efficient, cost-saving last mile delivery services that will improve customer satisfaction & delivering products safely on time.

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    Event management

    We work with our clients from planning, passing through contacting suppliers, to executing events that engage guests and potential customers.

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    Inbound / Outbound call centers

    Our call centers handle large volumes of calls and requests both inbound and outbound.

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